Glenworth Valley by Jill Nevile

Leave your cares at the top of the hill
And descend the dusty tracks
To a valley of green tranquility,
A quiet place to relax.


You can camp, or picnic, or contemplate
Beside the meandering creek,
Or stroll along the bridleways
To find the peace you seek.


But the way to savour the valley
Is to mount a willing horse
And take the trails through the bushland,
Or follow the river’s course.


On the way you may see wildlife,
Wallabies watching you pass,
A goanna scuttling for shelter,
Lyrebirds scratching the grass.


Nearing the cooling rockpools,
You enter a canopied glade
Where the bellbirds tinkle a greeting
To the equine passing parade.


So leave your cares behind you,
Descend a dusty track,
As nature soothes your spirit,
Life takes a different tack.


© Jill Nevile 2005