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We welcome all to share the beauty of Glenworth Valley. Day Visitor passes are available for those wishing to visit Glenworth Valley to enjoy a family gathering, picnic or BBQ.

Day Visitors should either book a Day Visitor Pass prior to arrival, or purchase a Day Visitor Pass at reception on arrival. Reception staff will then direct you to an area you may use for the day.

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Day Visitor Passes are available for groups of maximum of 20 pax.

Day Visitors are welcome to bring your own BBQ or to make your own. We do however ask that at the conclusion of your stay that you extinguish your fires.

Though we love animals, for the safety of our horses and customers we unfortunately DO NOT permit dogs or other domestic animals onto the property.

Day Visitors are welcome until 8pm after which time they will be required to leave the property.

While it might feel good at the time, feeding wildlife can have harmful knock-on effects. We kindly ask that you do not feed the wildlife.

The maximum speed limit around Glenworth Valley is 40kph. Around the Valley Event Centre, Quad Bike yard and Horse Yards the speed limit is 20kph. NSW road rules apply on all private roads in Glenworth Valley.

Please place all rubbish in the bins provided. We expect visitors to leave the property clean and ready for others to use. If the area is left untidy you may be charged an additional $150 cleaning fee.

Picnics & BBQ Daypass

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Price: When your group spends $200+ on activities, food or accommodation, day pass is free. If minimum spend is under $200, then ‘top-up’ with just $10 per person (7 years+). Includes: Entry, amenities, facilities Extras: Cafe, store and activities may also visited/purchased Available: Daily Start time: 6am-8pm Note: For the tranquility of others also experiencing Glenworth Valley, please be mindful and respect those around you.

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picnic & bbq

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