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Every little kid remembers their first horse riding lesson.

The joys of sitting in the saddle for the first time. The immediate connection between child and horse. And the first step of a journey that one day leads to confident riding.

Glenworth Valley is the special place where riders learn essential skills. Through a combination of expert tuition and personalised lessons, your child will be walking, trotting and steering like a pro in no time. All with fun and engaging programs that have kids coming back time & time again.

Join thousands of expert horse riders who started their journey with Glenworth Valley lessons.

Call today to secure your space.

only the most dependable horses &

experienced instructors

Let expert instructors build your child’s confidence with tips & techniques picked up from a lifetime in the saddle.

With over 50 years experience bringing the joys of horse riding to the region, you know that your little one is learning from the best at Glenworth Valley.

All with only the most practiced horses which have had years of training.

You can be confident that your child is taking their first horse riding steps in the most supportive environment possible.

your child's

lesson program

Available in blocks of 5 or 10 lessons. Term programs give kids the consistency to relax & develop their skills in a comfortable & familiar setting. They’ll get to know the instructor who tends to their sessions week-in week-out. Plus personalised plans are prepared that cater to their individual skills and interests.

No previous riding experience is necessary – and Glenworth Valley instructors specialise in levelling-up first-time riders. 

your first lesson

a one-on-one private session

In a safe and supportive arena, your child enjoys a private, one-on-one session for their first lesson. Instructors take the time to understand their skills & abilities. Before helping them find a group most suited to their level.

lesson 2-3

picking up the basics

Kids grow comfortable in their new group & get to know their instructor. Entry level & beginner students learn to groom, saddle & mount their horses. Alongside mastering the basics of walking & steering. 

lesson 4-5+

trail riding & cantering to more advanced skills

If they’re feeling ready, kids can be introduced to trotting and more advanced activities – such as cantering or jumping. They’ll experience the joys of trail riding, and with the assistance of instructors head out to explore Glenworth Valley’s wilderness. On warm days, they can ride into refreshing creeks where their horse cools off with a splash around.

With personalised lesson plans, there’s no horsemanship skill that can’t be offered at Glenworth Valley.

bringing horse riding to the region

for over 50 years

Glenworth Valley opened its doors as a small horse riding center in 1969.

Offering lessons and tours in a spectacular natural setting, word travelled quickly of the incredible experience that brought the joys of wilderness horse riding to the region.

It soon became a cherished experience loved by Sydney & Central Coast locals. And has since, become an internationally renown destination – attracting global celebrities; David Beckham, Bill Gates & many more.

Jump in the car, and discover why this small slice of paradise has become Australia’s favourite horse riding destination this weekend.

horse riding lessons

quick summary

Ages: 7 years+

Weight limit: 85kg

Experience: First timer/ beginner riders

Type: Guided with instruction

Price: From $70pp. Book today and save with off-peak pricing.

Includes: Horse, experienced guide, instruction, helmet

Extras: Helmets are compulsory for all riders. 

Available: Weekends only

Check in: 15 minutes prior

Duration: 30 minutes private assessment lessons & 1 hour group lessons available

information and


Helmets are compulsory for all riders.

Have Your Own Certified Helmet in line with current Equestrian Australia Standards and within 5 years of the manufacture date? Present it for inspection on the day of your activity. A non expired certification label must be visible to receive a refund of your helmet hire fee.

We recommend wearing full-length pants. Jodhpurs or jeans are ideal.

Fully enclosed footwear such as riding boots, sneakers or shoes with a flat sole is best. A limited amount of riding boots are available to hire. Sandals, thongs, steel caps or large bulky shoes with a heavy tread are not permitted.

For safety reasons backpacks, handbags etc are not to be worn whilst riding.             

Remember to bring sunscreen, insect repellent and a brimmed hat.

Minimum age is 7 years.

For animal and safety welfare, there is a maximum weight limit of 85kg.

Please be aware that our maximum weight limit may be lower than 85kg and is subject to variation according to what horses are available for riding on the day of the visit. 

We are unable to guarantee that a suitable horse will be available on the day of your visit however every effort will be made to provide you with a suitable horse. 

In addition to a rider’s weight, we do also take into account a rider’s height to weight ratio, riding experience, general muscle tone and fitness when accessing whether we have a suitable horse available. 

Before commencing a lesson, all new students will undertake a riding assessment for our instructors to be able to allocate students to a suitable group, or design a personalised riding program. 

Important Information. Please note: All participants, or guardians acting on behalf of minor participants, are required to sign a contract which includes a waiver of liability and important information describing some of the risks of the activity before being permitted to participate in any of our adventure activities.  Please click here to read a copy of the contract. To review terms and conditions of your booking and participation in Glenworth Valley activities, please click Terms & Conditions

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what to wear when horse riding

Long pants to cover your legs makes horse riding all the more comfortable – jeans or jodhpurs are perfect. Covered shoes likes boots or sneakers are also helpful. If you’re riding through Australia’s beautiful Summer sun, a light, long sleeve shirt can also prevent sunburn. 

Boots and helmets are both available when riding at Glenworth Valley to give you the true horse riding experience.