outdoor bush fun

laser skirmish

unlimited group fun

& excitement

like a video game

brought to life

All the joys of your favorite video game is brought to life in Glenworth Valley’s laser skirmish adventure.

Pickup shooters and make your way through an unspoiled bush setting as you collect points by landing shots on an enemy. 

It’s just like paintball – but without the bruises and tears.

Can you rise above enemy fire and take your team to victory?

There’s only one way to find out – try laser skirmish this coming weekend or school holiday season.

take on family & friends

2 action-packed games

game 1

team combat

The classic laser skirmish shoot-em-up. 

Form a dream team among family and friends and take out the enemy one at a time.

When the countdown finishes, the team with the most shots landed wins.

Will you be the combat champion?

game 2


Work together with your team mates to fight your way to the centre of the battle field – where a beacon sits as a target. Shoot the beacon to earn possession, and fight off the enemy to maintain control.

Watch out – if you get hit by an opponents shot, you’ll have to head back to home base (losing your chance to protect the beacon).

When time’s up, the team that has had control of the beacon for the longest amount of time lays claim as the domination champions!

shoot using harmless

infra-red light

Glenworth Valley laser guns use harmless infra-red light that is picked up with headband receptors – meaning no pain when being shot and no big nasty bruises over the coming days either.

Laser Skirmish is all the fun and group excitement of paintball, just without the tears.

information and


We recommend wearing enclosed footwear such as joggers or hiking boots.

Bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and a bottle of water.

Minimum age is 7 years.

Minimum numbers required for session to proceed

Important Information. Please note: All participants, or guardians acting on behalf of minor participants, are required to sign a contract which includes a waiver of liability and important information describing some of the risks of the activity before being permitted to participate in any of our adventure activities.  Please click here to read a copy of the contract. To review terms and conditions of your booking and participation in Glenworth Valley activities, please click Terms & Conditions

laser skirmish

quick summary

Ages: 7 years +

Weight limit: N/A

Experience: None required

Type: Guided experience

Price: From $80pp.

Includes: Guide, Instruction, camouflage clothing.

Available: Daily. Walk-ups accepted. However, many tours sell-out in advance and pre-booking is recommended.

Check in: 9:30am, 1:30pm

Start time: 10am, 2pm

Duration: Up to 3 hours

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the ultimate group day out

corporate events & parties

Bring team members or delegates together for a morning full of fun and excitement with laser skirmish in Glenworth Valley’s unique wilderness.

Perfect for building teamwork, your staff or group members will form new bonds as they work together under enemy fire to fight their way to victory.

Plus with a spectacular onsite events center and catering formal or casual as you prefer, you’ll relax into a hearty lunch or dinner with a spectacular wilderness view sharing stories from your team day out.

Be in touch with a venue coordinator to arrange your event today.

laser skirmish