Could your business use a boost in staff morale, productivity, collaboration, comradery and efficiency? If you answered yes to any of these, then your team could benefit from a series of team building activities.

Team building activities are an enjoyable and educational way to get team members together, away from the workplace, in order to form stronger bonds that translate into tangible benefits in the workplace. Glenworth Valley is the ultimate team building activities destination in Australia where you can explore a range of adventurous activities all in one stunning location.

Located on 200 acres of unspoiled bushland, Glenworth Valley is a quick 60 minutes north of Sydney and easily accessible for those on the Central Coast, here you will find a whole host of enjoyable team building activities everyone will love.


Spend a Night Under the Stars

Sometimes, the best team building activities are those that take a team away from their everyday surroundings and gets them back to nature. A two day team building getaway can be the perfect opportunity to allow your team to bond and truly immerse themselves in the experience. At Glenworth Valley, there are lots of challenging and skill-building activities on offer to help your team reconnect.

As part of the experience, sleeping under the stars truly disconnects them from the world of work and allows their minds to relax. Spend the day tackling a mud run, riding quad bikes and playing laser skirmish. In the evening, everyone can gather around a roaring campfire, enjoy delicious food and unplug from all of our modern technologies.

If you like the idea of getting back to nature whilst still enjoying a few modern comforts or want to encourage a little friendly competition, why not hire one of our luxurious eco-cabins and offer it as a reward for the people who demonstrate the best team spirit?

When you book to stay overnight at Glenworth Valley, all of the facilities and amenities you could ever need can be found onsite or easily arranged. Accommodation options include our range of cabins for smaller groups, tipis and twin, triple and quad share tents. Each can be hired and kitted out with bedding, mattresses and lighting as part of the Glamping experience. Hotel accommodation is also available only a short drive away and some local hotels even offer bus transport for you.


Hit the Water

Nothing builds team spirit more than having to navigate the waters of Popran Creek. Getting your team out on the water is a great team building activity that offers ‘adventure’ at a more gentle and relaxed pace. Kayaking is an easy activity for all ability levels to enjoy.

One of the best ways to use kayaking as a team building activity is to team people up to encourage collaboration and teamwork to achieve their goals. Kayaking at Glenworth Valley is a truly unique and memorable experience.

Kayaking is a great way to get your team interacting with each other, as it builds coordination, teamwork and communication skills, whilst also being an enjoyable experience for all. Of course, Popran creek can be explored on horseback too. The gentle waters offer the perfect place to escape the heat of the day and can be used as part of all types of team building activities.


Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

If you are looking for team building activities that push your team beyond their comfort zone, then Glenworth Valley has plenty of adrenaline-fuelled activities. Like quad bike riding. Quad biking is a fun way to explore the grounds and can be used in many different ways. There are a great range of packages to choose from.

Another great team building activity is the Mud Run. The Mud Run is an assault course that pushes participants to their limits. Have them dodging obstacles, crawling through mud on their stomachs and racing to reach the finish line first. The Mud Run at Glenworth Valley is an invigorating challenge that encourages focus and determination. Divide, conquer and encourage everyone to push their boundaries to achieve things they never thought possible.


All for One and One for All

Another experience unique to Glenworth Valley is the Cattle Drive. Your team take to horse back and have a go at driving cattle from one paddock to another; miles down the valley. This is a great way to develop problem solving skills and teamwork. All it takes is one person to miscommunicate and the cattle will scatter in all directions. The cattle drive also allows your team to not only work together, but also learn how to ride and take command of their horse.

While on the subject of horses, did you know that Glenworth Valley is Australia’s largest outdoor riding centre? After finishing up with the cattle drive, you can head out to explore more than 50km of picturesque riding trails. By this point your team will be feeling confident on horseback. Why not ride to one of the many beauty spots in the grounds and enjoy a picnic filled with freshly-prepared local selections before heading back to camp.

Another focal point of team building at Glenworth Valley is the Glenworth Valley Team Challenge. This has been specifically created with team building in mind and encourages all members to interact on a series of fun and unique games and challenges.

The Glenworth Valley Team Challenge is the ultimate team building activity and can also be used as the finale to a team building getaway. Maybe, to encourage as much competition as possible, why not offer the reigning champion one paid day off from work as a reward.